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Dear Students
Proofreading 101
Written by: Draft Editors
Draft Editors is the place where you will find qualified editors to proofread your essay
- It is fast and convenient
- And it is cheap!
Imagine this...
You are sitting at home in front of your computer...
... and you have just finished writing your draft...
... and now you want someone to proofread your essay.
So, you need to...
1. Find a proofreader
2. Call the proofreader
3. Arrange to meet the proofreader
4. Print your essay
And you are not done yet. You also need to...
5. Go to the ATM and...
6. Get some cash
7. Then go meet the proofreader
8. Wait for the proofreader to finish reviewing your document
9. Pay the proofreader
10. And finally you are free to go home
Now imagine this...
The essay is due tomorrow
And you have classes to attend
And you need to buy groceries
And you haven't fed the cat
And you have another essay to write
And you have a part-time job
If you have used a proofreader before, you already know the process
And you know it is a hassle
And what if you have never used a proofreader before?
Who do you trust?
What do you do?
This is where Draft Editors comes in.
We offer a convenient location where students can get their drafts reviewed.
All you need to do is upload your document
and one of our editors will pick it up
and review it.
You can even give them specific instructions and decide by when you need the revisions complete
In the mean time, you can do whatever you want.
And at the end if we do not deliver on our promise, we will return your money
And you don't need to worry about the cost
because our service costs just about as much as if you were paying an English major at your college or university to review your document
And we use PayPal to process payments, so you know it is secure!
So, try it out!
We were once students and we know this service could save a lot of souls out there!
We are sure you will be pleased!
- The Draft Editors team

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